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Circumcision in a Day Hospital Providing Comfort, Convenience, and Quality Care

Circumcision, a procedure with cultural, religious, and medical significance, is increasingly being performed in day hospitals due to the numerous benefits it offers to patients and healthcare providers alike. As a safe and efficient outpatient procedure, circumcision in a day hospital setting provides individuals with a range of advantages, including enhanced comfort, convenience, and access to specialised care.

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Nurses: The Foundation of Quality Care in a Day Hospital

In modern healthcare, day hospitals have emerged as essential facilities catering to the diverse needs of patients and their families. The success of a day hospital is determined by the role nurses play, whose expertise, compassion, and dedication form the cornerstone of quality care.

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Newsletter ISSUE 1 – 2024

Find out what is happening at Advanced Health across South Africa. Topics covered are surgical firsts, Advanced Health in the media, and some fun initiatives and activities from our facilities.

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