Vacancy: Patient Administration – Worcester

Nov 7, 2023 | Vacancy

Closing Date: 30 November 2023

Role Summary

The Patient Administrator will be responsible for all aspects of patient administration – admission, medical aid communication, authorization, billing, coding and general administrative tasks. The incumbent will have an obligation to clearly communicate with patients, assist the Group Credit manager in identifying financial and reputational risk at the frontline (Admissions) and ensure quality admissions by safeguarding correct, accurate, complete and relevant patient data; ensuring data integrity for use throughout the admission to receipt value chain and improve patient experience. The incumbent will further be responsible for admissions and pre-admissions of patients, handling payments of private patients; co-payments, admit and discharging patients in a professional, friendly and efficient manner, whilst creating and maintaining goodwill with all Doctors and their Reception staff.

Key Outputs

Patient administration

•Maintain a well-run, professional and patient-focused admission environment.

•Manage the accuracy of the admission process and the prevention of potential risk factors.

•Synergy and teamwork – working closely with credit controllers, nursing staff, stock controllers and doctors.

•Assist patients in accurately completing appropriate forms and documents for the required information.

•Capture and record the patient’s medical and personal information on the Hospital system in a professional, friendly and timeous manner, focusing on patient and visitor’s needs.

•Manage the risk for the hospital by adhering to all related protocols.

•Handling money and receipting according to protocol

•Collection of co-payments, private fees when applicable, and related documentation.

•Performing general administration duties involved in the preadmission of patients

•Billing and releasing of accounts daily within 24 hours.

•Ensuring submission of correct accounts to funders via Medikredit

•Manage and correct all rejected claims daily

•Drive pre-admissions, admissions and confirmations to achieve quality admissions that minimize risk and maximize revenue collection.

•Assist the Group Credit Manager in ensuring that the medical aid tariff and option changes are implemented through messages and alerts to minimise confusion and uncertainties during the year-end change-over period.

•Assist in resolving customer complaints according to Best Practices and monitor customer satisfaction in an effort to drive action plans for improvement.

•Communicate effectively with key role players in order to enhance quality management.

•Identify and rectify non-compliance with business policies and procedures.

•Share information about patients and procedures with theatre and wards for theatre and bed planning with accurate information about gender, age, and exact description of diagnosis.

•Patients are requested to arrange authorisations – the hospitals assist when requested to do so.

•Update procedures and coding with funders, as and when required. 

•Capturing notes on the system with regards to any of the above is crucial as all parties involved need to know what was done/approved/arranged.

Financial Administration

•Check if the patient has any outstanding previous accounts.

•Assist private patients by preparing the Pre-payment estimate according to Group guidelines using the approved documentation.  All estimates are to be signed off by Facility Manager or her designate.

•Identify financial risks proactively and communicate these to the Group Credit Manager.

•Collect payments according to protocols and prepare financial registers daily, accountable for receipting functions as per policy.

•Weekly banking on prescribed documentation to Central Office according to protocol


•Provide efficient and professional telephone services, answer by the 3rd ring.

•Assist patients in accurately completing appropriate forms, and document all information in accordance to internal policies and procedures.

•Direct all customers to the appropriate location, services and appropriate nursing or medical professional.

•Ensure patient confidentiality at all times in line with the POPI Act

•Ensure that the reception area is always neat and tidy.

•To refer all emergency cases to the nurse’s station according to protocol.

•Assist patients with basic account queries and escalate as necessary.

•Collect all co-payments and private account balances according to Advanced health policies and procedures.

Telephone Etiquette

•Attend to patients/customers/visitors both telephonically and in person in a business-like manner.

•Screening telephone calls or transferring them to the correct department.

•Telephone to – confirm employment, and membership with med aid, and check for exclusions or limits.


General Tasks

•Responsible for the preparation of the reception area for each working day and have all front desk activities fully operational at the start of business hours.

•Perform general administration duties from time to time.

•Direct patients/visitors to wards and Doctor’s rooms.

•Meeting and greeting visitors and directing them to their meeting or appointment.

Build and maintain stakeholder relationships

•Liaise with hospitals, patients and other relevant stakeholders both within and outside the organisation to ensure good customer relations and service quality, ensuring that all customers experience excellent and satisfactory interaction at all times.

•Liaise with a network of internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the case management and billing integrity is maintained.

•Develop, maintain and encourage open communication channels between relevant stakeholders.

Skills Profile

•Grade 12 or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification.

•A National Diploma or Relevant NQF 6 qualification in Administration will be advantageous.

•A minimum of 2 – 4 years Hospital Healthcare industry experience.

•A minimum of 2 – 4 years’ experience in the admissions processes in a private hospital environment.

•Billing background would be beneficial.

•Previous experience in pre-admission, admission; confirmation department essential

•Basic working knowledge of ICD and CPT coding essential.

•Proof of  Covid-19 vaccination is required.

Application Process:

Internal applications should be discussed with their direct line manager. Reference checks with direct line managers within the Advanced Health Group will be conducted for internal applicants.

For internal and external application, various recruitment checks might be conducted, including but not limited to assessment tests, credit and security checks, qualification verification, etc. Through applying for the position, the applicant consents to being  subject to background checks and assessments.

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