Vacancy: Enrolled Nurse/Enrolled Nurse Assistant – Theatre – Medgate (Roodepoort)

Closing Date: 19 July 2024

Role Summary.

The Enrolled Nurse will be responsible for direct and/or indirect nursing care of a patient or group of patients and will function under the direct and/or indirect supervision of the Registered Nurse.

The incumbent is also is responsible, and is held accountable, for his/her own acts and omissions. The Enrolled Nurse will be responsible for assessment and care as well as the needs of patients and will be responsible for assisting the scrub nurse during operations and keeping the operating room sterile. The Enrolled Nurse will serve under supervision of the Registered Nurse in theatre. The incumbent will perform nursing duties in accordance with the South African Nursing Council (SANC), Department of Health (DOH) and National Core standards.

Key outputs.

Patient Care

•Practices patient care according to his/her Scope of Practice and assumes total responsibility for these activities.

•Be active in preparing the theatre, and replenishment of stock, consignment and instrument replenishment of the operating room allocated to for a procedure list.

•Contributes to the holistic care of patients.

•Damp dusts their unit before the day’s tasks starts.

•Checks that the scrub area is clean and properly stocked.

•Controls swabs, instruments and needles/sharps with the scrub person.

•Maintains the principals of aseptic technique when opening packs and consumables.

•Helps control patient and hospital costs through the correct, safe and economical use of supplies and equipment.

•Prepares the theatre for the list with the correct equipment, instruments, stock and medication.

•Handles equipment, instruments, stock and medication safely and competently.

•Effective risk prevention and management when assisting with the positioning of the patient or transfer of the patient to and from the operating table.

•Effective communication with patients regarding their care.

•Be alert and anticipate the needs of the scrub person, surgeon or anesthetist.

•Assists the anesthetist during induction of anesthesia.

•Practices the principles of infection prevention and all standard precautions.

•Promotes and maintains good public relations with patients, relatives and visitors.

•Executes all procedures according to hospital standards.

•Refers all complaints from patients and doctors to Facility Manager/shift leader.

•Carries out all departmental duties as assigned by Facility Manager/shift leader/scrub person.

•Ensures proper evidence-based nursing care.

•Ensures that all patients have an appropriate nursing care plan.

•Communicates with Health Care Practitioners regarding any change in health status.

•Administers and manages medication in accordance with the Company’s policy and as described in the SANC scope of practice.


•Compliance with documentation policy.

•Completes all relevant documentation and reports all abnormalities to the person in charge of the theatre.

•Ensures that all documentation is maintained accurately and timeously reflecting theatre procedures and care in a chronologically manner.

•Leaves theatre clean and tidy at the end of the day’s lists and disconnect oxygen and suction before going off duty.

•Signs drug check list, drug registers and operating room registers.

•Ensures the drug registers are signed by the anesthetist.

•Records and signs specimen registers.

•Ongoing audit of health records to ensure compliance.

•Ensures all stock is well controlled and managed, charged and credited appropriately.

Risk Management

•Maintains a therapeutic, clean and safe environment that is free from medico-legal hazards.

•Adheres to Advanced Health’s, and all other, medical waste management principles.

•Maintains a safe working environment in accordance with the Machinery and Occupational Safety Act.

•Reports potential/actual risks identified.

•Responsible for ensuring correct use, cleaning and storage of equipment.

•Ensures all stock is well controlled and managed.

•Reports equipment needing repair or replacement.

•Maintains professional conduct and standards at all times in accordance with the Group’s policies and procedures.

•Maintains patient privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Skills Profile

•Grade 12 or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification.

•Enrolled Nurse qualification.

•Relevant registration at SANC as EN.

•Minimum of 5 years as an enrolled nurse.

•Post-Op nursing experience is essential.

•Floor nurse and Anaesthetic experience essential.

•Experience within private hospital environment advantageous.

Application Process

Internal applications should be discussed with direct line manager. Reference checks with direct line managers within the Advanced Health Group will be conducted for internal applicants.

For internal and external application, various recruitment checks might be conducted, including but not limited to assessment tests, credit and security checks, qualification verification, etc. Through applying for the position, the applicant consents to being  subject to background checks and assessments.

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