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Advanced Worcester Official opening

Advanced Worcester celebrated the official opening Advanced celebrated the official opening of the cutting-edge facility, Advanced Worcester Surgical Centre, situated in Worcester. This brand new facility has 1 theatre and 15 beds; we boast a wide variety of excellent surgeons. We cater for ophthalmology, ear nose and throat, urology, gynaecology, orthopaedic, maxillo [...]

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The Global Problem With Over-diagnosis and Over-treatment

The Global Problem With Over-diagnosis and Over-treatment It’s a public health conundrum: Current screening guidelines lead to an over diagnosis of diseases like cancer, which results in over treatment for ailments that might never seriously impact a person’s health. Read more 

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Advanced Prospectus and Public Offer

Advanced Prospectus and Public Offer A copy of our prospectus can be downloaded from our ‘Investor Relationships’ page. Please be advised that the offer is open from 31 March 2014 to 17 April 2014. Investors and medical practitioners who are interested in applying for shares will have to complete pages 149 to [...]

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Soweto Day Hospital

Advanced Health is planning to start building the Soweto Day Hospital in the 1stquarter of 2014, with the aim of completing the day hospital before year end. This will be the second private hospital in Soweto, focusing mainly on day surgery, with limited overnight stay. The clinic’s focus on ophthalmic surgery will be one of [...]

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